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Welcome to a telemedicine wiki! 21st century collaboration for 21st century healthcare

ATAwiki is 21st century sharing and collaborating for 21st century health care.

ATAwiki's purpose is to gather and share the vast community knowledge within our membership and other leaders in telemedicine. The American Telemedicine Association started it and we encourage you to add information and edit pages to improve.

Using ATAwiki

A wiki is a free-form tool for putting, gathering and linking information. Its success and value depends on the collaboration of users.

While there is no traditional table of contents or hierarchical tree for information, the existing content of the wiki is summarized in the list of All Pages.

How to Get Started

  • Click on the "Current events" link on the left.
  • Search for a page on your major areas of knowledge. Is there something you can add or revise? Some news, facts, people to add?
  • Review the page for your state or country. Is there something you can add or revise?
  • Browse a page at random (just click the “random page” on the left). Is there something you can add or revise? Links needed to other ATAwiki pages?
  • Sign-up as a contributor of content or editing.

Improving ATAwiki

ATAwiki uses the same software as the still slightly more popular Wikipedia, so the editing and other formatting conventions are the same. Like with any word processing, just entering text is easy -- the complications and special commands come in when trying to specially format the text, such as using boldface or a bulleted list. For basic formatting checkout Wikipedia's Cheatsheet, available here, just as handy for ATAwiki. For in-depth information, you may be interested in the book Wikipedia:The Missing Manual by John Broughton.

Because of anonymous editors/bots vandalizing this wiki, we have unfortunately resorted to requiring editors to create an account. The basic information of account holders will not be used for other that this single purpose without your further permission.

First, use the search function to the left to see if a specific page you are interested in already exists.

Editing an ATAwiki page is easy:

  • Simply click on the "Edit this page" tab at the top (or the edit link on the right or bottom) of a Wiki page. This will bring you to a page with a text box containing the editable text of that page.
  • Type away, write a short edit summary on the small field below the edit-box. You may use shorthand to describe your changes, as described in the legend, and when finished, press preview to see how your changes will look. Then press "Save". Depending on your system, pressing "Enter" while the edit box is not active (when there is no typing cursor in it) may have the same effect as pressing the "Save" button.
  • Please “Show preview” and review before “Save page” to avoid unintended errors.
  • You can also click on the "Discussion" tab (or the "Discuss this page" link) to see the corresponding talk page, which contains comments about the page from other ATAwiki users. Click on the "+" tab (or "Edit this page") to add a comment.

If there is a need to start a page, the easiest way to create one is to modify the page address bar on the top to include the new page title after "http://wiki.americantelemed.org/index.php?title= " and then hit your browser's version of enter or go to.

Sometimes you may notice a fact that you know is wrong, a sentence that is not clear, a section that is not well organized or a missing hyperlink to another page -- please change it.

Other ATA web resources

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