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Welcome to the telemedicine wiki! 21st century collaboration for 21st century healthcare

ATAwiki is 21st century sharing and collaborating for 21st century health care.

ATAwiki's purpose is to gather and share the vast community knowledge within our membership and other leaders in telemedicine.

Using ATAwiki

A wiki is a free-form tool for putting, gathering and linking information. Its success and value depends on the collaboration of users.

While there is no traditional table of contents or hierarchical tree for information, the existing content of the wiki is summarized in the list of All Pages. Because of anonymous editors/bots vandalizing this wiki, we only allow ATA staff wiki editing permission. Please contact info@americantelemed.org if you have any updates or suggested revisions for the ATAWiki.

How to Get Started

  • Click on the "Current events" link on the left.
  • Search for a page on your major areas of knowledge. Is there something you can add or revise? Some news, facts, people to add?
  • Review the page for your state or country. Is there something you can add or revise?
  • Browse a page at random (just click the “random page” on the left). Is there something you can add or revise? Links needed to other ATAwiki pages?

Other ATA web resources

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