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Recent News, Pending Action

Legislative Action

  • No proposed telemedicine bills have passed yet in 2015. Legislative tracking can be found at the ATA State Policy Resource Center.
  • State Policy Resource Center

Insurance Law and Regulations

  • No proposed parity legislation within the past 2 years.

Medicaid Coverage and Reimbursement

  • Search the Minnesota State Medicaid Page
  • Coverage for interactive audio-video and store-and-forward.
  • Distant site provider is limited to a specialty physician or oral surgeon and required to be located in a medical facility.
  • Medicaid also places frequency limits on some covered telemedicine services.
  • Covers skilled nursing and cost of RPM equipment rental under home health benefit.
  • Telepresenter required on premises.
  • 2014 legislation proposed to include coverage for teledental health.
  • State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies, Center for Connected Health Policy, November 2013

Physician Licensure and Practice Standards

  • Requirements for telemedicine are on par with requirements for in-person services, not including prescribing. No unique practice standard requirements for telemedicine.
  • Qualifying out-of-state physician has the option of applying for a full license or a telemedicine permit to practice in MN.
  • Allows physical examination/relationship to be established via telemedicine.
  • Minnesota State Definition: Telemedicine means the practice of medicine as defined in section 147.081, subdivision 3, when the physician is not in the physical presence of the patient.
  • State statutes and regulations
  • State internet prescribing

Psychologist Licensure and Clinical Practice Standards

  • Requirements for telehealth are on par with requirements for in-person services. No unique practice standard requirements for telehealth.
  • Requires full license and allows CPQ to expedite licensure process.
  • For the purpose of meeting the requirements of this section, supervision means documented in-person consultation, which may include interactive, visual electronic communication, between either: (1) a primary supervisor and a licensed psychological practitioner; or (2) a primary or designated supervisor and an applicant for licensure as a

licensed psychologist.


  • Chemical Dependency Continuum of Care Pilot Project implemented in 2013.
  • The Minnesota Telehealth Network is a partnership between several organizations to bring telemedicine programs to rural facilities in Minnesota and parts of North Dakota. There are currently over 20 sites and several more future sites to come. The Network offers both educational programs and services for patients.
  • The "Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children's Program" in Minnesota is a direct health care and infrastructure building service funded by a Title V grant. The grantee is The Family Partnership and seeks to establish 6 teleconferencing sites connected to the Health Resource Center which will offer bilingual and culturally competent care and access.

Organization and People Resources

Cindy Uselman, RN, BSN
Manager/Project Director
Tri-County Hospital
Wadena, MN
Tel: 218-631-7509
Stuart M. Speedie, PhD
Project Evaluator
University of Minnesota Medical School
Tel: 612-624-4657