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Recent News, Pending Action

Legislative Action

  • No proposed telemedicine bills have passed yet in 2015. Legislative tracking can be found at the ATA State Policy Resource Center.
  • State Policy Resource Center

Insurance Law and Regulations

  • No telemedicine parity law; however, in April 2015, North Carolina introduced a telehealth parity bill.
  • A number of bills introduced to study telemedicine clinical applicability and develop taskforce.

Medicaid Law and Regulations

  • Search the North Carolina State Medicaid Page.
  • Medicaid imposes restrictions on the patient settings, covered services and designates eligible distant site providers as a condition of payment.
  • Coverage for interactive audio-video only.
  • Requires a provider to be on the premises with the patient.
  • State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies, Center for Connected Health Policy, November 2013

Physician Licensure and Practice Standards

  • Allows telemedicine in lieu of an in-person examination.
  • Requires full license and allows P2P exemption.
  • Requires In-person Physical Exam.
  • Allows Physical Examination/Relationship to be established via Telemedicine.
  • State Definition: Practice of medicine - The performance of any act, within or without this State, described in this subdivision by use of any electronic or other means, including the Internet or telephone.
  • State statutes and regulations
  • State internet prescribing

Psychologist Licensure and Clinical Practice Standards

  • Allows telehealth to establish the patientpsychologist relationship.
  • Requires full license and allows CPQ to expedite licensure process.


  • State-wide telepsychiatry network.
  • The "Sickle Cell Treatment Demonstration Program" in North Carolina was an enabling and infrastructure building services funded by a Title V grant. It was bestowed to the Stedman-Wade Health Services, Inc. and sought to increase access to distant specialty care services by use of telemedicine technology to link to the Duke Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center.
  • East Carolina University plays a critical role in the Eastern North Carolina Telehealth Network, which provides telemedicine services and support to various rural areas in North Carolina. They continue to roll out new sites and expand their services with the help of grants and funding from other sources.

Organization and People Resources

Peter Kragel, MD
Eastern North Carolina Telehealth Network
Phone: (252) 744-3855
Telemedicine Physician Service Organizations in North Carolina
Eagle Hospital Physicians
5901 C Peachtree Dunwoody Road Suite 350
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone: 678-441-8500