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Recent News, Pending action

Legislative Action

  • No proposed telemedicine bills have passed yet in 2015. Legislative tracking can be found at the ATA State Policy Resource Center.
  • State Policy Resource Center

Insurance Laws and Regulations

  • No telemedicine parity law despite a multi-year effort to introduce legislation regarding coverage under private insurance and Medicaid.

Medicaid Law and Regulation

Physician Licensure and Practice Standards

  • Last policy revision: June 2014.
  • Requires full license and allows P2P exemption.
  • Must obtain a Rhode Island license.
  • Requires pre-existing relationship.
  • Allows physical examination/relationship to be established via telemedicine.
  • Requires informed consent, but only for e-mails and text based communications.
  • State statutes and regulations

Psychologist Licensure and Clinical Practice Standards

  • Requirements for telehealth are on par with requirements for in-person services. No unique practice standard requirements for telehealth.
  • Requires full license and allows CPQ to expedite licensure process.


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